From Kyiv with Love

MistoDiya is the non-governmental organisation from Kyiv, who aims to work with different stakeholders as communities, citizens, government, experts to research the city. It’s members are from very different disciplines and unite in their work architecture, urbanism and art. In it’s projects and tasks MistoDiya practices different methodologies and approaches such as Participatory Action Research, artistic and urban interventions, educational workshops and participatory planning.

Oleksandr Burlaka
He is an artist and architect, working in installation, photography, and exhibitional displays and co-founder and member of Hudrada (»Creative Committee« in Ukrainian), a curatorial and activist interdisciplinary group. Lives and works in Kyiv, Ukraine

Alex Bykov
He is an architect. Besides architectural design Alex also engaged in architectural scientific – research activities. He also worked as a photographer and architectural journalist in professional journals.
Together with E. Gubkina, he is currently working on the book “Soviet Modernism, Brutalism, Post-Modernism Architecture in Ukraine” and the issue of the magazine “5.6” dedicated to contemporary Ukrainian Architectural Photography.
He is author and conductor of his own radio program “Supervision”.