Davit Tsanava

Davit Tsanava graduated from the Georgian Technical University, Faculty of Architecture, in 2008. In 2009, Davit began working at architectural studio Architects of Invention (AI); As an architect and visualizer, he worked on several projects in AI, including the award winning Tbilisi Prosecutor’s Office (2009), Lazika Municipality (2009), Cubic Tower (2010), Mushtaidi Development (2011), Rivera Slope (2011), Tbilisi Tower (2011), TBC BANK HQ (2012). In 2014, Davit moved to AI’s Vilnius Office, where he worked on projects as a Modular Cinema (2014), Hloubetin Community Centre (2014), Telecom Tower (2014) and Russian Expo Pavilion (2015). At the same time, Tsanava was involved in art projects in Georgia