Dmytro Prutkin

I love Gldani
Territory branding is a notion connected with the processes of urbanisation and migration, which appeared during the last 50 years.
In attempts to attract investors, tourists or just improve the image of a city, region or a country, the city administration addresses more and more to the visual representation of a certain message: I Love NY, I Amsterdam, C-openhagen, Lovely London. Most of them have an emotional message aimed at creation of a special relationship between people and places. Open, get to know, love.
I love Gldani is a project which preaches non-interference doctrine. The symbol of the heart in a window aperture most likely encouraged restaurant’s visitors, which was situated nearby, to pay attention to region’s panorama. The restaurant was closed, leaving that emotional image which is depicted on the souvenirs all over the world.
It is the very location on the main pedestrian artery which connects one region with another that makes you pay attention to this artifact as on the possible brand of the future of this region which says without intervention “I love Gldani”.

Dmytro Prutkin is a Kyiv based documentary filmmaker and graphic designer.
He claims his works as ‘field recordings’ of modern society, using the photo and video for this purpose.