Maria Kremer

Maria Kremer, born 1989 in Moscow, studied architecture at the Technical University of Munich and ETSAM in Madrid. In 2014 she began working as a research assistant at the chair for Architectural Design, Rebuilding and Conservation of the TU Munich.
Currently she is a practising architect in the practice of Alexander Brodsky.
Monotony and informality in architecture are major fields of her research and practice. She assumes that buildings – designed by architects and built by developers – are nowadays mostly unable to let everyday life flourish and encourage creativity within the spaces they enclose.
She aims to explore informality in practice, and to emphasise the beauty of vernacular structures by incorporating a new living unit within the bridge of Gldani. It tells the story of an informal private structure and creates a semi-public situation anchored inside a transitional structure. The emptiness of the arch is extruded and converted into a habitable space.