E-Flux Announcement - Georgian Pavilion at the Venice Biennale


The project symbolically focuses on reservoirs, their creation, and their impact on ecological, urban, and demographic shifts in the age of rapid political transformations and climate change, exploring the relationship between the flow of time and energy. Energy, as a primal life force, and human methods of its consumption, distribution, and preservation—energy politics; temporality or permanence of such politics within the shared, historical reality.

How temporary is our footprint on the environment? Can we analyze the water as a determinant of order? What type of flows do we speak of when we mention the flows of energy, migration, time, and the outflow of the landscape itself?  What are the costs of disrupting an order or creating a new one? To what extent can the spatial-political development of humans bring changes in nature and society and vice versa? What physical and conceptual forms fade or remain with such transformations? Are the natural creations, their memory, history, and artifacts that signify their past life permanent? What will be the vestige of defining such places, and, above all—considering global and local contexts—what is their future?