Collateral Event / Crematorium Tour

The Palace of rituals has become internationally well known, as a masterpiece of late soviet modernism. The building brought renown to his main architect Victor Jorbenadze. The palace of rituals is preceded by one important built project of the architect – the Mukhatgverdi cemetery complex. Here we can already observe the major architectural themes that reach maturation and individuality in palace of rituals. The function of the main building of the complex was a crematorium. Due to cultural barriers and technical obstacles, the building never served to this function.

Today the buildings are in state of neglect. They are used as storage facilities and as stone workshops. Here we see the mechanisms of informal architecture to their full extent – additions, attached signage. The local stone workers have successfully appropriated and fragmented the buildings according their needs.
During the tour, we will discuss the architecture of the complex and the architect behind it.

Tuesday, 30 October 2018 from 16:00-18:00