The Industrial Pedagogical Technicum [Exhibition]

Beginning in February of 2018, the legendary “Tbilisi Batman” sculpture by Zurab Tsereteli began to disappear from the facade of the former Industrial Technicum Theater. The destruction may have come as a surprise to the larger urban community, but was the manifestation of the complex politics and ownership of the Technicum, its highly informal urban ecology, and the depleted conditions in which its inhabitants live. The destruction of significant 20th Century public art, monuments, and architecture, however, is commonplace in post-Soviet Tbilisi.

Wednesday, 31 October 2018 from 17:00-20:00

The purpose of this TAB Event is to discuss the dimensions which prevent the advancement of the Internally Displaced Persons living in the Technicum, the value of 20th Century architecture and monuments, and the mechanisms which should be implemented for future development of the Technicum and similar territories.

The restoration of destroyed geometries.
The fall of idealism is not the fall of ideals.

Accessibility, Reflection, Intimacy, Extimacy.
The staircase, as an object, will explore the similarities between the Shida Kartli and Abkhazian vernacular architecture, respond to its context, and investigate public intimacy.

Archives, Context, Place.

Public discussion will be lead by Michal Murawski and Claudio Vekstein.

Exhibition by Thomas Ibrahim, Givi Machavariani, Gio Sumbadze, Claudio Vekstein