Tamuna Chabashvili

Tamuna Chabashvili is a visual artist based in Amsterdam and Tbilisi. Her art practice consists of individual and collaborative projects.
In 2003, she co-founded artists’ initiative ‘Public Space With A Roof’ (PSWAR), which functioned as a project space until 2007. PSWAR projects are research-based and address various questions central in current art production, blurring the borders between various roles artists are assumed to take today: artists-as-activists, artists-as-producers, or artist-as-curators. Since 2008, PSWAR projects have been shown internationally.
Her current works evolve around the topics of tradition, pattern and voicelessness seen from the gender perspective. Mapping private stories, memories and questions into visual and tactile narratives her work is often inspired by the traditional artifacts and the working methods based on textile. Her work further explores the properties already inherent in textile as material such as: fragility, mobility and ability to contain or shelter.